Blaxland Riverside Park

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Wheelchair 15 All abilities Toddler Toddler friendly
Toilet 15 Toilets Car 15 Car parking
Bbq 15 BBQ Seats Seats
Picnic site 15 Tables Bicycle 15 Bike path
Shelter 15 Sun shade

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written almost 4 years ago

My kids were excited in their first visit, probably by its massive size, its good variety of play spaces, its waterfront view, and its possibilities for adventures. But they became quickly bored and most of the equipment was ill-designed. The big slides mostly are not playable in hot summer days due to the material and lack of shades. The treehouse is too safe to offer any thrill.

Mary Jane
written almost 4 years ago

First time visit this park my kids all love it. Will definitely come back again. Alots of stuff to do. But this park need more space for parking. BUT HIGHLY RECOMMEND TO VISIT IS FUN 4 KIDS.

written over 6 years ago

Very nice and beautiful park. Good for all ages; my kids love water and sand play.

written over 6 years ago

Fantastic. All councils should be looking to this park for inspiration. I've been several times and the kids have loved it every time. The water park provides hours of fun as do the slides, tunnels, spider climbing webs,flying fox and the tree house. There is a kiosk near the water park as well as a more fancy cafe by the river. Plenty of flat areas to kick a ball as well as bike tracks that connect to Homebush Bay. It gets very busy on the weekend and although there are two parking areas it can be hard to find a space. Make sure to park in designated areas as I have seen people being booked. Shade is an issue as there aren't many shaded areas or large trees. For anyone out of the local area, as I am, it is certainly worth the drive.

written almost 7 years ago

This park is amazing! My child is not quite two yet but still had so much fun. It's so huge & there's so much equipment we didn't get around to playing on all of it. I loved all the hills! The lack of shade was the only down side. There were shade shelters & trees but most the equipment is in full sun & we went on a really busy day so there wasn't enough. We took a shade shelter & were glad we did! In saying that, alot of the trees planted are still growing so I'm sure this will improve.

Tony N
written over 7 years ago

This is the best park in Sydney. More fun park than just a playground. Should get 6 stars if there was such a thing.
Only one issue - hardly any shade so not good for the middle of the day in summer.

written over 7 years ago

We absolutely love this park, it caters to all ages from babies (sandpit & swings) to teens and even adults (flying fox). We can easily spend the whole day here, if the kids get restless there's a bike path too. Highly recommend it, esp since the kiosk & toilets up the top have been installed.
I haven't come here on a weekend although I've heard it's mayhem with kids everywhere and trying to find parking...

written almost 8 years ago

We love this park, and it's even better now with the new water play area, sand pit, climbing tower and cafe!

Kerri Anne
written about 8 years ago

This is a great playground - and when completed will be even better. Would suggest getting there early as it is very popular.

Flying foxes (able to hold an adult, and low to the ground for safety), a great selection of slides (built into the hill so limiting risk of falling off) climbing equipment and swings.

Toilet facilities are OK, (located a little far away from the main playground in an emergency) and BBQ area, seating and a cafe are all located close together.

The second playground on the hill next to the BBQ/Cafe area would be a lifesaver for family picnics.

There is plenty of parking.

Sonya T
written about 8 years ago

Awesome! Best park we've been to by far, and it's still under construction. Great for all ages, with plenty to keep the kids amused. Would be excellent for picnics, with BBQs available along the river as well as the Armory Cafe. 1/12.

written over 8 years ago

Great park still under construction (Oct 2011) lots of open space, shelters, BBQs & playground.

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Jamieson St, Sydney Olympic Park NSW

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