Koonung Creek Reserve

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Added over 7 years ago


Fence 15 Fully fenced Toddler Toddler friendly
Toilet 15 Toilets Car 15 Car parking
Bbq 15 BBQ Seats Seats
Picnic site 15 Tables Bicycle 15 Bike path

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Krystie W
written over 3 years ago

This is a good playground for a few age groups (more so 2-7). Plenty of swings and slides, a shaded seated area and toilets. A good stop off on one of the most beautiful walking tracks.

Suzette Hosken
written over 7 years ago

Koonung Creek Reserve is very long, with a few separate playgrounds. This one is just lovely and is clearly aimed at pre-schooler age. It is fully fenced, although the fencing is not to keep kids in, but to keep dogs out; there are no childproof locks.

The equipment is fairly standard, with flying foxes, swings, various climbers and slides. It is well laid out, with some shade provided by the lovely river red gums nearby. It would well do with some shade sails as well.

There is an automated public toilet just outside the fencing, and a barbecue and rotunda within the fencing.

Further afield in the reserve there are many areas of indigenous planting and some hilarious pieces of exercise equipment. The sign says for people over 12 years of age, but good luck with that! The equipment is far too enticing for littlies; they just have to have a go.

Bring your bikes or scooters and go exploring after your play. And remember to bring some insect repellent as there are some pretty still areas of water nearby.

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Gardenia Rd, Balwyn North VIC

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