Grovedale Park

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Suzette Hosken
written almost 14 years ago

Grovedale Park playground is clearly pitched at the junior/senior age groups, with some really impressive equipment to keep them entertained. And yet, I don't really like it very much. I've struggled to pinpoint why this playground isn't very appealing to me and I think it's the absence of trees. The park is quite bland and there's this incredible array of equipment plonked in the middle of it. It just all looks a little incongruous.

Having said that, I'm sure there are some locals with older children than mine (2 and 4) who will happily disagree with me. If so, please add a review! Once my children are school-aged, I'm sure this park will hold greater appeal.

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Grovedale Road, Surrey Hills VIC
Street parking is best on James Street

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