Dendy Park

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Added almost 16 years ago


Fence 15 Fully fenced Toddler Toddler friendly
Toilet 15 Toilets Car 15 Car parking
Bbq 15 BBQ Seats Seats
Picnic site 15 Tables Bicycle 15 Bike path
Shelter 15 Sun shade

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written over 2 years ago

It's fantastic that there is a fence for our little runner. The sand is ok, but gets a bit messy. All in all, a good playground though. - @plantbasedmum_.

Little Life Corner
written over 2 years ago

Loved this park for my 2 year old!!
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written about 4 years ago

My 2 year old did not like this park. And he loves going to parks to jump on swings. However, all the play areas were inside the sandpit. So, the sand and stones filled his crocs shoes and socks. He didn't like it at all, and wanted to leave ASAP!

The only benefit (as a parent) was that the door to the park can be locked, to confine kids who like running away.

Claire C
written over 4 years ago

Great news is that this park has been updated with a toilet. Still no change table, but certainly a plus considering all its other great features.

written over 6 years ago

Love this park. Fully fenced, lots of shade. My kids, aged 1 and 3, really enjoyed that the equipment was all in the giant sand pit, but we didn't bring any buckets or spades, so they missed out a bit on the sand play. There are BBQs and drinking water, which is good, although BBQs were dirty. Only thing I would have liked was a bit bigger grass area. Overall great for under 4s.

written almost 8 years ago

Suitable for younger kids.

written over 11 years ago

Fantastic for the under 4 year olds! No high slides or climbing apparatus for a young (12month up) toddler to get onto. Great for multiples for this reason too. Loads of play equipment. Fully fenced, fully shaded and the sand is softer to fall on than bark. I love it. As do my twins!

written almost 16 years ago

This playground is excellent for the under 4s. It is completely shaded by sails, and has a sand floor. Bright and colourful with plenty of room between the activities. Lots of climbing through coloured "cubby" boxes, small slide, rockers, a boat, and a climbing sand pouring castle. Fully fenced, covered picnic tables, and bbq with water fountain. Big disadvantage is no toilets and carpark is on a busy street.

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Dendy Street, Brighton East VIC
Glencairn Avenue opposite Melosa Av

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