St Kilda Adventure Playground

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Wheelchair 15 All abilities Fence 15 Fully fenced
Toilet 15 Toilets Car 15 Car parking
Bbq 15 BBQ Seats Seats
Picnic site 15 Tables Bicycle 15 Bike path
Shelter 15 Sun shade

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Melissa R
written over 4 years ago

This playground looks dodgy from the outside but is worth the trip. The 3 story wooden maze house is hours of fun.

Karen C
written over 4 years ago

My favourite playground in Melbourne so far!

written about 6 years ago

Brilliant. A non-cotton-wool-padded olde school variety playground but waaaay better. There are even trampolines. Hours of fun to be had here. Best playground in Melbourne!!

written over 6 years ago

Awesome in every way. Best playground in Victoria by far!!

written almost 11 years ago

After finding Skinners on Saturday, we found St Kilda on Sunday. Very similar in concept, but there was very little room to move and I found it a bit chaotic. I would not recommend it for under fours unless you want to watch them like a hawk the entire time. Great for 6+ though. They'll love it.

There is a great flying fox, a trampoline and there seemed to be a birthday party going on there. In contrast to the Skinners playground, it was not as easy going and was very hectic at times. Still an incredible park, but it was a bit of a log jam. Would be good to get there on a quiet day.

My eldest loved the billy cart track. They look to be having some work done there at the moment and the place will sparkle once it is done. there's some interesting things to climb as well. Old tree trunks and big tractor tyres.

Highlight for me was the labyrinthine fort structure. The kids loved darting in and out of this old-style fort - way too fast for parents to catch them.

Overall, a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon, but would be best on a quieter day. :)

written about 11 years ago

This is an excellent playground, especially for older or extremely adventurous kids. It is muddy and labyrinthian and full of all kinds of things that modern kids are usually kept from, ie: dirt, chickens, spiders, billy-carts, splinters,high places, old tyres, prickly weeds and ropes. There are tea and coffee making facilities, comfy chairs, and a cosy fireplace in winter. If you have ever spent a saturday morning in a chai tent, you will probably love this place. Oh, and there is a piano.
Every kid i have taken here rates it as their favourite playground. I do too.

written almost 12 years ago

Easily the best park I have been to in Melbourne. It is like a hidden gem and my kids loved it. It's rustic, the staff are great and the place is just wonderful. It is anything but a plastic park, with lots of old school wooden structures, a trampoline, and a large tyre swing. It made me wish I was a kid again.

written over 13 years ago

The St Kilda Adventure playground & Skinners Adventure playground in South Melbourne are often referred to as a neighbourhood “backyards” and give children the chance to use their imagination and take risks in a safe environment. The Adventure Playgrounds are staffed and filled with climbing structures, ponds, trampolines, flying fox (St Kilda), cubbies and heaps more.

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Off Neptune Street, Saint Kilda VIC
visit City of Port Phillip website for opening times and playground information

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