Beckett Park

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Hasbe B
written over 3 years ago

Best shaded playground. Surrounded by trees; perfect for crawling babies to running toddlers and kids. Shaded sand pit area, cubby house with ramps. Just love it.

Suzette Hosken
written about 6 years ago

Edited May 2014: Beckett Park is an absolute ripper. Now that it's been updated it's even better. There are heaps of opportunities for running, sliding and especially climbing at this most impressive playground.

Made mostly from cypress pine, the structure is in the fortress-style and is really quite vast. There is a large, mostly-fenced sandpit, something that few playgrounds have, with a large shade sail above. There is plenty of shade provided, also, by the huge pine trees that protect the playground and by the structure itself.

There are ramps and bridges, little and big slides, heaps of climbing walls, a little flying fox, abacus and noughts and crosses for the littlies, and the 'jail' as my kids call it - a great place for hiding!

The new maze is now at the front of the playground, which is certainly much easier for parents to supervise. The walls are lower (tall kids will be able to see over them) and it's all much smaller. Very much one for the younger kids.

Also new in May 2014 is a rope climbing pyramid and a few other climbing pieces, plus a lopsided spinning bowl. A little ground-level trampoline was installed last year and is very popular.

Behind the playground is a wonderful, sprawling coast tea-tree that has large branches close to the ground that are perfect for climbing on. To get to the branches you need to find the entrance points through the leaves; literally a tunnel worn through by lots of children. Boroondara Council has this tree on its 'Significant Tree List'.

The playground is situated in the middle of huge parklands and away from neighbouring roads making it relatively safe for little escapees.

The adjoining Maranoa Gardens are absolutely worth a visit and, according to the Boroondara Council, are home to 4956 species of plants! Get your kids to spot all the different shapes of flowers - they are fascinating.

written about 7 years ago

Finally a great playground for toddlers! Plenty of things to climb and play on. Fully enclosed sandpit, however the rest of the park is not fenced, but well set back from road and car park.

We loved the mini tramp and the choice of slides the best. Thought it was a great place for older kids to play hide and seek or tiggy, as there were plenty of places to hide!

Highly recommended! :)

written over 7 years ago

Lovely garden; great playground.

Good for toddlers with lots to do.

written about 9 years ago

A superb playground that caters for all ages and abilities.

Plenty of equipment to keep the little ones amused.

written about 10 years ago

This is one of the best playgrounds in the east. It has plenty of play equipment for different ages and skills. There is a decent sized grassed area next to it, and always lots of friendly dogs (with their owners) around. The neighbouring Maranoa gardens is also well worth a stroll.

There is always plenty of company at this playground, but it is never over-crowded. An excellent playground, and a favourite for my family.

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Parring Road, Balwyn VIC
There is a carpark at the end of Parring Road, but street parking is available on Banool Road or Yarrbat Avenue if you don't mind a walk through the parklands to the playground.

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