Jameson Shops

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Added about 7 years ago


Toddler Toddler friendly Car 15 Car parking
Bbq 15 BBQ Seats Seats
Picnic site 15 Tables Bicycle 15 Bike path

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written about 4 years ago

Equipment is getting pretty old and worn, but still plenty of variety and great fun for the kids. Unfortunately this playground is often littered with rubbish as there are no bins provided.

Richard N
written over 5 years ago

Great rock climbing stuff. Great carousels, one with ropes. Good long swings. The slide is a bit dangerous for toddlers in my view - made of steel with 90 degree sides, steep and short with sudden level-off (our very capable 19mth old hurt her back a bit). There are two 'string and can' type telephones which appear to be disconnected or blocked - great idea so that's a shame.

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Kosciusko Ave, Palmerston ACT

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