Plain & Hay Street Intersection

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Added about 11 years ago


Fence 15 Fully fenced Toddler Toddler friendly
Bbq 15 BBQ Picnic site 15 Tables
Shelter 15 Sun shade

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Cj K
written over 3 years ago

Quite a number of interactive equipment to play with, very easy access and secured fencing. Although the swing isn't catered for.

written over 7 years ago

A fantastic playground for toddlers, with lots of different things to do depending on their development stage.

written about 11 years ago

A covered playground with varied equipment to keep kids interested. I noticed:
* a big clock with movable hands,
* a bean-bag toss (no bags),
* a see-saw that can accommodate two children on each side, and
* some musical bars that have different tones when you hit them with a mallet (attached with a chain)

Shaded benches on the grassy area around the outside of the playground.

This playground is on the east end of the CBD, well connected to public transport, also there are free 1-hour parking bays nearby on Hay Street.

I thought the gate catch was a little tricky, but fortunately another family was there who demonstrated how to get in. (You need to reach up high on the gate post and slide a switch on the inside of the post to release the gate.)

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Hay Street, East Perth WA
across from Queens Park

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