Riverside Gardens AP Hinds Reserve

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Fence 15 Fully fenced Toddler Toddler friendly
Toilet 15 Toilets Car 15 Car parking

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written over 6 years ago

The playground itself was great. I love the ramps and the location, but the downfall was there was NO SHADE!!

written about 7 years ago

It is amazing playground!

written over 7 years ago

Great Playground, lots of different equipment, loads of shade, and fenced it. Could invest in some more seating. Recently a Vintage Caravan has opened selling coffee and homemade treats- making my morning visits even better!

written over 7 years ago

Very Nice place. We loved!

Suzanne Love
written almost 8 years ago

First time at this playground. We loved it. Great for toddlers and a big net climbing structure for older ones. Great slides, lots of swings and loved the bouncy horse come see-saw. And I loved the whizzy cup and so did my daughter.

Gee Gee
written about 9 years ago

My boys are 5 and 3. They enjoyed the playground especially the climbing net thing that looks like a spider web. I like the fact that the playground is fenced off but my boys could open the childlock easily. There is lots of open space to run around and the river nearby keeps them occupied once they get bored with the playground.

written about 10 years ago

This playground and park was great. Our children had a fantastic time! Our only complaint would be about the bbq's. It took nearly an hour to cook some sausages and steak and even longer to cook chicken kebabs. The bbq had very little heat and when the meat was taken from the bbq it was able to be eaten straight away as it was little more than room temp.

written about 11 years ago

Great for toddlers, with 3 different height/speed slides, as well as 3 different types of swings (5 in total). There are fireman poles, a tunnel, tic-tac-toe discs and many other items to spin and move. Surfboard on springs, a spider web to climb, log-type swing and spinning seats. The playground is right on the river so outside the fenced play area there are many dogs chasing balls/sticks and playing in the water. The park is also right next to some great walkways of the bird sanctuary.

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Milne St, Bayswater WA

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