Malahang Reserve

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Added about 10 years ago


Wheelchair 15 All abilities Toddler Toddler friendly
Toilet 15 Toilets Car 15 Car parking
Bbq 15 BBQ Seats Seats
Picnic site 15 Tables Bicycle 15 Bike path
Shelter 15 Sun shade

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9 Reviews

Rachel T
written over 1 year ago

Great playground for adventures! It would suit families with differently aged children and those with different interests. The play equipment, basketball court, skate ramp, bbq area and open spaces are all easily visible from each other. Lots of space to move around but while there are many trees, none of the play equipment is shaded. Definitely a park you could spend a decent amount of time at and expel some energy!

Carrissa M
written over 3 years ago

Great all abilities playground, just wish the fence went around the playground! Also hard to see kids when they're inside the play space.

Krystie W
written over 3 years ago

This is an awesome park, flying foxes, plenty of swings (including different larger multi person swings). A large climbing area, skate park, basketball court, bbq, shelter and plenty of room to run. Awesome park esp for ages 2-8.

Katie L
written over 4 years ago

Great park for all ages. Particularly good for toddlers.

written almost 7 years ago

My daughter loved it and she's only 8months old! Perfect for all ages I even had a go on some of the equipment haha.

written over 8 years ago

Great for all ages and the sections are separate so the older kids are not trampling the little ones.

All the facilities that you need.

written over 8 years ago

This playground is excellent. It is suitable for all ages and maintained well. Highly recommended.

written almost 9 years ago

This park has it all. There is equipment to suit all age groups. There are a few flying foxes to suit different ages; one has a large seat with a five point harness suited to hold small toddlers and would also hold an older child.

There is a lot of equipment as the park covers a huge area. Also there is an excellent skate park situated away from the play equipment which is suitable for skateboards,bikes, scooters etc... There is a whole variety of different shapes and things to grind on as well as ramps and half pipe.

This is an excellent park for families with different aged kids.

The only negative is that it's on the corner of main roads, although the park is so big that it would take a toddler or small child a very long time to reach the road, so as long as you're keeping an eye on them things should be fine.

written about 10 years ago

Fanatastic playground for all ages - 3 flying foxes (one with toodler strap), a pendulum swing, big climbing frame, great under cover BBQ area and toilets close by. There is also a skate ramp just about to be opened and a BMX track.

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Oriel Rd, Heidelberg West VIC
Cnr Oriel Rd & Southern Rd

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