Bicentennial Park Jubilee Park

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Fence 15 Fully fenced Toddler Toddler friendly
Toilet 15 Toilets Car 15 Car parking
Bbq 15 BBQ Picnic site 15 Tables
Bicycle 15 Bike path Shelter 15 Sun shade

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Elissa Baxter
written almost 15 years ago

This large playground is hidden away between Annandale and Blackwattle Bay. The equipment is fantastic and there is so much here for all ages that a visit can last for hours.

The big draw card is the "roller dippy", a huge conveyer-belt style slippery dip. The great thing about this ride is that little kids travel slowly, but big kids (or Mums and Dads) travel really fast. One of my favourite past times is to watch the parents nurse their toddlers down this slide for the first time. Parents whiz down and fly off the end, almost inevitably uttering a shocked expletive. It's great.

The playground also has enormous sand pits with construction diggers and a "speed boat" on springs large enough to hold 5 or 6 kids. There is a castle, a bridge over the sand and a smaller slide into the sand pit area.

For older kids there is an enormous rope pyramid, a rope hammock and very large wooden ship with all manner of climbing equipment. There are long paths perfect for bike riding, with gentle slopes up and down. There is also a small grassed area inside the fenced playground, perfect for a picnic.

If your kids ever got bored of the playground, Bicentennial Park joins on with Jubilee Park which fronts onto Blackwattle Bay. There you can watch the boats (large and small) chug in and out of the working part of the harbour. The Inner West light rail runs along an aquaduct on the edge of the park so train spotting kids will be kept amused every five minutes with cries of “Another train!”. There are also great views of both bridges, Anzac up close and the Harbour Bridge in the distance. Lots of people bring their dogs for walks in the huge grassed area so little kids who like animals will be fascinated wandering around this park.

Right next to the playground there is a large covered picnic area with gas fired barbeques and toilets.

After a big rave like that, you’d think this was the perfect park, and it almost is. I have only two criticisms: the first is that there are no real seats inside the playground. Although you can perch on the stone walls of the raised garden beds, it’s not that comfortable in winter when the stone is cold and there is no back support for breast feeding. The second criticism is about the lumber yard which backs onto the playground. Although most people would find the low rumble of the machinery unobtrusive (I genuinely do not find it a problem at all) some sound sensitive souls find the noise frightening and annoying, so if your kid doesn’t like any kind of machine noise, avoid this park.

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Chapman Road, Annandale NSW
Approaching along Johnston St, cross over The Crescent at the lights and park in the small car park on Chapman Road.

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