Western Sydney Regional Park Lizzard Log

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Toddler Toddler friendly Toilet 15 Toilets
Car 15 Car parking Bbq 15 BBQ
Seats Seats Picnic site 15 Tables
Bicycle 15 Bike path

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Vince On Tv
written almost 5 years ago

Do not go here on a HOT day. All the equipment is stainless steel and burning hot in the summer sun. This park is really open and you need to be with kids under 7 all the time. So quite hard for adults to sit and relax. The seating areas are nice and big but too far from the spread out playgrounds.

Tony N
written almost 6 years ago

This is the best park in Sydney. It has 2 flying foxes, multiple sand pits with digging equipment, swings, slides, a water pump feature and all around it is a kids path for riding their bikes and scooters.

written almost 7 years ago

October 2011- been twice in two days these school holidays! I have a 5 and 3 year old and they absolutely love the wide open spaces and the play equipment. The way the space has been laid out gives you a choice of sticking to the path or being adventurous by walking through the shrubs hopping from rock to rock. BBQ Equipment has a push button operation which appears to be free of charge (no coin slots in sight). One thing we tried the second time round was the 160m walk straight up the hill, where you can take a pretty clear view of the harbour bridge and parts of the city (partly spoilt by trees in the distance which block parts of the city).

Genuine good clean (or wet.. Or dirty if you like sand) and free Fun!

The only cautions I could give you.. Watch out for the usual spiders.. And snakes, one was spotted our first time there, under a tree near the dam, so dont let the kids run off too far away from you!

written almost 7 years ago

Great park. Something for everyone, lots of sandpits, sand diggers, tyre swings, climbing wall, slippery dip, flying foxes and water pumps. Great family location with big table shelters along with BBQs and walking tracks. Lots of parking, big play areas, my toddler had a ball!

Rice Meister
written about 7 years ago

This park is so much fun! It is bright, spacious and imaginative. There is a diversity of equipment to cater for all ages. At this stage, I have only gone with my toddler, and she has thoroughly enjoyed the park. But, I watched lots of older children playing on the bigger-kids equipment and having a great time.

The facilities are great, toilets and eating areas close by and easily accessible. I believe the current works are extending the car park.

There is very limited shade. I am sure, as the trees grow, this will be less of a problem. But, as the park is at the moment, it would be quite hot in summer.

written about 7 years ago

Love the Lizard Log park playground!! It has fantastic natural looking timber pieces to play on. It's really different and really effective. Another good thing is the natural timber doesn't heat up in the sun or get too slippery after rain like most of the common plastic and metal play equipment you see around, so it's great for any time.

The sculptural pieces like the lizard are great aesthetically too. Just beautiful.

Well done Andrew of Timber Creations!!

written about 8 years ago

MAJOR UPGRADE TO PIMELEA: Pimelea Picnic Grounds will be closed from 3 May 2010 to October 2010. Stage 1 of the capital works program, costing $3.5 million will include new picnic, BBQ and toilet facilties, new paths and landscaping and an exciting nature playground. Initiatives to reduce water consumption, energy use and waste are being incorporated into this upgrade. For more details go to http://www.westernsydneyparklands.com.au/page/venues-activities/venue-list/pimelea/

Trust me the upgrade to the playground is awesome...

written over 9 years ago

Was a wonderful clean park to enjoy however had organised a family BBQ for later in the evening during the summer months and found they locked the park at 7pm, because of this we did not stay long enough to really enjoy the grounds in the cooler evening time.

written over 13 years ago

We LOVE this park. It's fairly new, and has lots of unusual equipment, catering for all ages from toddlers up to adults. It has a real adventure feel to it, with wandering pathways, different levels, a dry creek bed, a pond, lots of rocks, relief scultures, native gardens....

A bike track winds through the playground with special bumpy metal bits that make noise when you ride over them. There is also a cement pathway leading over the hills and far away that would be good for bikes.

The equipment includes a circle of swings, so 5 children can swing in towards each other but the design prevents them jumping off in the middle! There's a big boat on springs, with a "water ski" board on springs behind. There's a skate board thingie, where you stand on a skateboard attached to a metal arc and skate as high up as you dare. There are a number of bent poles attached to rotating bases, which you can hang onto and swing around very fast. There's a big metal sphere that does nothing but turn around, but our 6 year old loves "the big orange".

Up the hill and overlooking the playground there are a number of barbeque areas, each one large enough for a large family gathering. There are trees around, but no shade over the playground equipment, so it could get very hot in Summer. There are large areas of grass and an ice cream van stops there at weekends.It would be a great place for a family gathering catering for different age groups.

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Crn Cowpasture Rd and Horsley Dr, Bossley Park NSW
Entry to the park is signposted at the roundabout on Cowpasture Rd/Horsley Dr. There are other entrances to the park but they don't lead to the playground.

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