About Playground Finder

Who can argue that one of the joys of parenting is romping in a playground with the kids? That's great as long as you can find a playground that suits you. What better way to find one than to ask other parents for their recommendation? That's why Playground Finder only has reviews submitted by the people who use the playgrounds: you. We don't employ professional writers to 'talk up' the playgrounds. What you see here is the honest opinion of other families.

Please help us to make Playground Finder even better by adding your local playground. Are you going travelling? Why not add the playgrounds you visit during holidays and create a list of the playgrounds along the route.

Playground Finder is the creation of Ben and Suzette Hosken. They are playful types who believe regular doses of fresh air and exercise are essential to wellbeing. They have two young children who are great playmates for each other and their parents. Suzette is the chief writer, editor and playground wrangler. Their children have the most important job of playing in the playgrounds.

You can contact us via e-mail at team@playgroundfinder.com or use the feedback form.

Playground Finder was designed and built by the wonderful team at Flink Labs. The Playground Finder logo was created by the very talented Claire Robertson.

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