Fanny Durack Pool

Fanny Durack Pool

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Added 16 years ago


Fence 15 Fully fenced
Toddler Toddler friendly Toilet 15 Toilets
Car 15 Car parking Bbq 15 BBQ
Seats Seats Picnic site 15 Tables
Shelter 15 Sun shade


written over 16 years ago

Although not technically a public playground , the toddler space at the Fanny Durack pool is worthy of a mention. The toddler area is fully fenced (with proper childproof fences) and aside from the excellent toddler pool itself (which is very shady), there is a large area of shady, fenced grass, lots of picnic tables and a small climbing frame and slide. This place is particularly good for parents of toddlers with small babies as well because it is so contained it is easy to keep an eye on the mobile child while tending to the baby. This lovely spot is a particular favourite of our family for hot afternoons as it has a bit of everything to keep our toddler happy while requiring very little energy from us.

Outside of the toddler pool area (but still within the ground of the swimming pool) are BBQs and a kiosk.


Station St
2049 Petersham , NSW