Malabar St Playground

Malabar St Playground

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Car 15 Car parking
Picnic site 15 Tables
Bicycle 15 Bike path


written over 3 years ago

This playground is located near Larrakeyah Primary School and is often visited by children that live nearby on the way home from school after school hours. We can see people that live nearby this area also quite often using this facility during the day or on the weekends with their little ones. This shady playground doesn't have shade cloths on top of the playground, but lots of trees surround it, giving plenty of shade, even in hot days. Children sometimes also attempt to climb on those big trees. Some mango trees around this playground might attract more people during mango season. The playground is in the middle of small park lane with tidy lawn area.

This playground is not big, but enough to burn out children's energy and let their silliness out. Two swings, one for little ones with back support and straps around it and another swing for bigger children, can be found in this playground. Small stepping poles can occupy children, even the young ones with some help. My daughter really likes the flying fox in this playground. Slippery slides also can be found along with climbing chains. On the ground of this playground, there's sand to prevent big thud if children fall on the ground accidentally.

There's one picnic table nearby for snack stops after playing at the playground. The down size of this playground is there's no public toilet facility nearby. So, make sure your children is not having full bladder before visiting this playground.


Malabar St At the corner of Malabar St and Barossa St, Larrakeyah
820 Larrakeyah , NT