Wireless Hill Park

Wireless Hill Park

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written over 4 years ago

We (me plus a 4 and 6yo) had fun here today. The playground I would suggest is optimal for ages 2-9. Most of the climbing structure is not accessible to non-ladder-climbers, and while they could be lifted on to some parts of it easily enough they'd get out of a parent's reach quickly as they moved around. There are a few things to play with at ground level separate to the climbing structure - drums, bells, activity boards, and there is one tunnel and "cafe" bench underneath the fort so non-climbers still have some things to engage with. There are also two swings, one with an infant backrest and clip. The monkey bars and climbing sections are scaled so that a nine-year-old would be starting to grow out of them. The surface is rubber. The playground space is surrounded by trees and was at least partially shady for most of a January morning.

The best part of this for us was actually all the other stuff besides the playground. We went on a short bushwalk loop which had lovely views and benches to sit on, all paved sufficiently for strollers and prams, and the distance was such that my kids could have run it in under ten minutes if I'd let them. There are several historic structures left over from the time when this was a communications base, and one of the radio mast anchor towers has been converted to be publically accessible. So if your kids would like to run up and down three flights of stairs a hundred times while you stand at the top and look at the view, this park has you covered. My two spent ages playing underneath on a stone "slide" inside the tower. There is plenty of grassy space for running around with a ball or a frisbee. However it's all inside the road/parking loop though and is unfenced so be aware of the possibility of cars coming and going if playing big-space games. There are also a few trees that are particularly climbable by small people with branches running long and low to the ground.

Amenities: There is a drinking water fountain, toilets around the back of one of the buildings (not directly visible from the playground itself), and regularly-cleaned BBQs and picnic tables spaced around the grassy area. There is heaps of parking, one small lot as you enter and then angled parking all the way around the one-way driving loop.

written over 2 years ago

Large space with plenty of picnic spots, BBQs and shade. Nature playground basic with swing and some nature play areas. Walking trails in area. Water fountain and toilets also available.


Telefunken Dr
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