Sydney Park

Sydney Park
Peace Park

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Added 10 years ago


Toddler Toddler friendly Toilet 15 Toilets
Car 15 Car parking Bbq 15 BBQ
Seats Seats Picnic site 15 Tables
Bicycle 15 Bike path Shelter 15 Sun shade


written over 10 years ago

The playground at Sydney Park has been open for a little over a year, and is a firm favourite with Sydney parents. With innovative landscaping, a huge range of equipment and one of the best sandpits around, this Playground can keep a family interested for a whole day. And with the cafe opened up right next to the playground, there's almost no reason to ever leave! Let the kids wander through the dry creek bed, home to blue tongue lizards, or climb the man-made hill and slide down the huge slippery dips. There are swings, bridges and a great scooter path. There are only a couple of picnic tables so get there early if you want to set up a party.

If you've had enough fun on the rope climbing pyramid, slides, swings, sandpit, suspension bridge and art path, maybe it's time to head over the hill to the bike practice park, or climb Sydney Park's highest hill to fly a kite (there's always a breeze up there, no matter how still it is below).

Finally, and this is not something you can say about very many parks, this park has possibly the world's nicest public toilets. Fully equipped for disabled guests, they are self ventilating and (so far) vandal proof. It's almost worth visiting just to see what amazing things architects can do these days.

This park has only two problems: there's not a lot of shade in summer (although the Moreton Bay figs are growing fast) and it's very, very popular on weekends.

written over 9 years ago

Baby swings, slides of different gradients, v clean raised sandpits, overall a very well-thought out playground. But the park itself is fantastic with a wonderful paths, a duck pond, an abundance of dogs and a great kiosk which keeps Mum and 14 mth old son happy!!

written over 9 years ago

Love Sydney park. Caters for all ages. Best bike park with traffic lights and roundabouts. Playground has many great features - huge slide, swings, bridges etc. Not fenced though and don't know about how accessible equipment is for those with a disability with bark tracks etc. There is lots of grass for picnics. Great cafe and lovely walking tracks.

written over 6 years ago

Cafe could offer a little more. Would be great to also have a little more shade and a few more toilets around. We had a great day though. Plenty to do!


Barwon Park Road Entrance to the car park is off the Princes Highway, just after the turnoff to Sydney Park Road (just after the big chimney stacks)
2015 Alexandria , NSW