Homestead Park

Homestead Park

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Toddler Toddler friendly
Car 15 Car parking
Seats Seats
Bicycle 15 Bike path


written over 15 years ago

This is a new playground on the site of an old one.

The playground overlooks Chipping Norton Lake, and all the equipment has a sailing theme. There are two "windsurfers" on springs, a boat to sit in and climb on, and a high slippery dip which is reached by climbing up some rigging - squares of rope. There are two swings, a regular one and a baby swing which is made in one piece from plastic with leg holes - something unusual.

The play equipment is on softfall, circled by a cement path for bike riding and overlooked by a number of seats. It's all colourful and unusual and very peaceful during the week!

An added attraction is the small cresent of river sand down by the lake, as well as the bike tracks and walks that wind through the parklands beside the Georges River. It's also beneath the flightpath of light aircraft from Bankstown airport - not noisy, just interesting.

written over 5 years ago

The park has some exercise equipment which is suitable for adults and bigger children to play on. The beach at the end of the park is great for paddling in and there are nice views from the headlands on either side of the beach. Toilets are some distance away and not immediately obvious.

Black Muscat Park, further along Homestead Ave, is also worth a visit.


Homestead Ave
2170 Chipping Norton , NSW