Wiley Park

Wiley Park

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Toddler Toddler friendly Toilet 15 Toilets
Car 15 Car parking Bbq 15 BBQ
Seats Seats Picnic site 15 Tables


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Wiley Park is a large park with a playground, two ponds and a stream running through it, lots of green space and a grass amphitheatre in the middle used for outdoor events such as festivals and Carols at Christmas time.

The playground has a two large sets of play equipment. The first contains two medium slides, a flying fox, tunnels to crawl through, chain ladders, poles to slide down etc. This is probably best suited for 4 year olds up. The second has four large bubbles connected together with tunnels you can climb through to get to a high enclosed slide.

There is also another small set of play equipment better suited for toddlers with stairs up and a small slide down. There are also 4 "baby" swings and 2 "big kid" swings , plus a rocking-spring chicken.

The park has a few paved paths to walk along or the kids can ride their bikes on.

The two lakes and stream are unfenced. One of the ponds can be seen from the playground but it is about 50m away.

Wiley Park is on the corner of King Georges Rd and Canterbury Rd, which are two busy main roads, but the park is so huge that the playground is well set back from the road (more than 100m from either of the main roads) and hidden from sight.

There are two or three wood BBQs near the playground (bring your own wood) and several picnic tables.

There are about 70 car parking spaces (only 30ish open on weekdays) with car park entry from Edge Rd.


Edge St
2195 Wiley Park , NSW