Carss Bush Park

Carss Bush Park

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Toddler Toddler friendly Toilet 15 Toilets
Car 15 Car parking Bbq 15 BBQ
Seats Seats Picnic site 15 Tables
Bicycle 15 Bike path Shelter 15 Sun shade


written over 13 years ago

Carss Park is a large park with a big playground, a separate BBQ area, lots of picnic tables and shelters and a sheltered swimming beach on a bay with shark nets. There is also a bike path nearby, although you are not allowed to ride bikes in playing/swimming/picnicing area of Carss Park. There is lots of grass areas to spread out picnic rugs and have a sit down.

The playground area is surrounded by trees so various parts of the playground are in shade at various times depending on the day and season.

The playground has three different sets of equipment plus two "baby" swings, two "bigger kid" swings and a couple of rocking spring sit on animal. One of the playground areas is small with easy steps and a small slide for littlies. Another area has an easy to climb ramp with side-by-side small slides plus bigger enclosed slide at one end and a few tunnels and bridges to walk across. The third set has two high, bumpy slides, a climbing rope and a long pole to slide down catering for older kids. In the middle of the three sets of equipment is a kind of raised boardwalk that the kids can run up and down and parents can sit on to watch kids from all areas (although it's not shaded so not so pleasant to sit on in summer - great in winter).

The playground area is not fenced and there is the beach within the park, but it is about 75-100m away from the play equipment.

The beach is on the George's River with no waves, and great for littlies to play in the water. Sand can be a bit covered in seaweed and sticks/dirt etc if there's been rough weather recently etc.

There are about a dozen gas BBQs in a BBQ area that is about 50-75m from the playground area.

There are picnic tables and about 5-6 larger picnic shelters dotted across the park.

Within the park is also the historic Carss Park Cottage, built by William Carss in the 1860's. You can stroll around the outside of it at any time or visit the museum inside it on Sunday and Public Holiday afternoon 1-5pm.

On the outskirts of the park is a bike track that is about 400m long. From it you can also join onto the 500m bike circuit of Todd Park which is adjacent to Carss Park.

Carss Park is a very popular park on weekends and especially so in summer.

written over 11 years ago

This is a terrific park and little sandy beach for a play. Just remember to pack a wind breaker sometimes it gets quite windy down there and a little on the cool side. Great walking trails too.

written over 4 years ago

One of our fav parks in the area! Coffee shop right next to the equipment. Fenced off toddler area and a play equipment for the older kids right next to it!

written over 2 years ago

Fantastic playground for all ages. Toddler area is fenced and offers good choice of equipment. Cafe is good. Parking can be a pain at weekends but we go early.


Carwar Ave Also parking off Bunyala St.
2221 Carss Park , NSW